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Mobile phone service is getting worse and worse?

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Every time you buy a new cell phone, people who are a little older at home will tell you that you must clean the battery and fill it with clean electricity for more than three times in order to ensure the capacity of the battery and increase the life of the battery.

I've always been suspicious of such a statement, but the truth is that if you don't listen to the old man's words, you'll suffer in front of you, but is the old man's words necessarily right?

Mobile phone service is getting worse and worse?(图1)

1. Avoid deep charging and discharging as much as possible (when you can charge at any time)

2. Keep the percentage of electricity between 30% and 80% as far as possible (without pursuing long endurance)

3. Use slow charge instead of fast charge as much as possible (in the case of not using mobile phone urgently, and not using rechargeable treasure without rechargeable treasure, but also thanks to the 5V1A slow charge provided by Apple for us)

4. Try not to heat the battery, use it while charging, and avoid using the cell phone in high temperature or extremely cold conditions (sometimes adjusting the cell phone shell may also make the temperature of the cell phone less high).

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