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Hunan First Village receives 400 million huge fines

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According to the SFC announcement, from April to July 2013, Yang Xuechu used 14 securities accounts to buy Zhongqingbao (300052.SZ) stock by allocation and leverage at 320 million yuan, and made a profit of 197 million yuan in five months. This behavior constitutes insider trading, so it is "fined every one" and fined as high as 394 million yuan.

This huge ticket is related to the past of "Hunan First Village" and Zhongqing Bao.

Hunan First Village receives 400 million huge fines(图1)

Since its listing in 2010, Zhongqing Bao's stock price has been flat, hovering between 10 yuan per share and 20 yuan per share. In 2013, under the background of game concept stocks, the share price of Zhongqingbao soared four times in half a year, from 10 yuan per share to 40 yuan per share in July. On July 19, it was once closed down, with a price-earnings ratio of 373 times. It was the first bull stock in 2013 and was crowned as the "demon stock king".

Whether China Qingbao's performance can sustain this share price has been controversial.

According to the SFC penalty decision, the time for the formation of inside information of CYP is not later than February 21, 2013, and it is open on August 14, 2013.

In February 2013, Chairman Li Ruijie and other colleagues met with Huatai United Securities to discuss the acquisition of the game company. The SFC will set this time point as the starting time of insider trading.

Half a month later, Yang Xuechu followed the fund manager of Xinhua Fund to investigate Zhongqing Bao. Through Li Ruijie, Yang Xuechu learns that China Qingbao will negotiate some target companies through acquisitions and mergers, so as to achieve a market value of 100 billion yuan for China Qingbao. Through this survey, Yang Xuechu also learned that Zhongqing Bao has more than 400 million cash on its account, which is fully capable of acquisition.

Since then, Yang Xuechu has frequently stayed at Shenzhen Shenzhen Airlines Hotel to contact Li Ruijie and understand the acquisition.

From April to July 2013, Yangxuechu bought 12.57 million shares of CYP through 14 securities accounts, amounting to 319 million yuan.

In order to invest in stocks, Yang Xuechu borrowed huge capital and leveraged it.

The 94 million yuan that Yang Xuechu bought Zhongqing Bao came from borrowing and allocation. On the one hand, Yang Xuechu mortgaged his family's two houses for 8 million yuan, plus some personal fund-raising, totaling 9 million yuan in principal, and allocated 10 million yuan, totaling 20 million yuan, from Wealth Securities in a ratio of 1:1. On the other hand, Yang Xuechu borrowed 30 million yuan from a solution in Duan. In addition, it allocated 40 million yuan to Duan Mouxiong's partial loan as the capital according to the ratio of 1:2. Later, he borrowed 4 million yuan from a military office, and finally raised a total of 94 million yuan.

Ironically, in June 2013, Yang Xuechu wrote to Li Ruijie in his own letter, saying: "In my judgement, the market is undergoing a bloody decline. Based on the above judgment, I have decided to withdraw from tomorrow. Fortunately, I am not deeply involved in this, the cost is not high, now out, and not lose money.

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