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The Story of Renting Houses in Guangzhou and Shenzhen

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Ideals, wealth, opportunities, the names of first-tier cities are always followed by these attractive labels. However, there are often unknown risks under the label. A college student who intends to practice for summer vacation feels the rent of Beijing graduation season ahead of time. The intermediary took her to the house. The entrance of the community gate, bypassing two residential buildings, appeared a village, naked children running across the road, the local uncle leaned on the door to welcome her, with two cages of parrots in hand. She consulted other houses on the spot. The whole rental housing below 6000 is marked with the names of Tongzhou, Fengtai and Babaoshan. The commuting hour marked on APP originally meant one hour and fifty minutes.

Ms. Desseris suffered from rental phobia. In the four months since she came to Beijing, she has changed four houses. Although every time she withdraws her rent because she is cheated and scolded by an intermediary, she hopes it will be the last move. But when she was walking the streets again carrying a bunch of "rubbish-like" luggage, she still felt that she was experiencing tremendous psychological and physical loss. She defines this helplessness as "Beijing's normal".

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Ms. W and her roommates in Hong Kong coexist peacefully --- roommates appear in refrigerators, heated microwave ovens, and occasionally have "meetings" with four generations of young, middle-aged and young people. Ms. W finally understood why they were called Xiaoqiang. Leaky bathrooms, striking washing machines, hot summer tossed W to death, but roommates are still stubbornly living in the room.

Shanghai's prosperity and downfall are folded in space, and sometimes only one street apart from the sky and the ground. When Jin Zhao first rented a house, he chose an old residential district in Shanghai, opposite the Vanke estate, which is an average price of 52,000 square meters. There are often film and television crews there. By the way, Jin Zhao's neighborhood has also been filmed in a movie and TV series, in which Cinderella turns into a princess. It's just that they photographed Cinderella's life in the slums on their side.

More than one person has thought about leaving. Willingness to return home often climaxes when parents say, "Come back or not", and briefly falls back after feeling the growth of the number on the pay card. Ms. Lu in Haidian District is struggling with this contradiction. Improving the quality of rental housing has become the last condition for reconciliation between ideal and reality. From a dozen flat damp old houses to a sunny apartment. She felt a little more colorful in her plain life.

She always wanted to go home and tell herself at the last moment, "You're still young, you can fight for another two years."

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