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What has been left to pawnshops in the past hundred years?

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In Macau, the best watchmaker,

Not in luxury stores, but in pawnshops.

But every gambler who loses all his money is unwilling to gamble.

They will go out and turn left to the pawnshop next door.

At less than 60% of the price,

He became a Rolex on his wrist.

Go back to the casino and break the net once more.

Or change a ticket and go home in disgrace.

What has been left to pawnshops in the past hundred years?(图1)

Once, gambling was severely beaten in the Qing Dynasty.

In Yongzheng period,

Make a gamble and it will be distributed to the frontier in minutes.

If you take part in a game, your hands will be cut off.

By the end of the Qing Dynasty,

Government corruption and gambling are rampant.

Macau has naturally become a gambler's utopia.

Nevertheless, nine gambles were lost.

Best of all, except for casinos.

It's the pawnshop next door.

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