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The "Black Gold" Family Behind Kou Jingyao, the Daughter-in-law of the Black People

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The Ministry of Public Security issued A-level arrest warrants for 50 major fugitives. Kuo Jingyao, a 31-year-old Shanxi ancient foreign woman, was listed on the wanted list for her suspected involvement in gangster organizations, provocation, extortion and other illegal and criminal acts.

The day after the arrest warrant was issued, Kou Jingyao was under control in Yuci, several dozen kilometers away from his hometown.

Twelve years ago, Kou Jingyao was the protagonist of a well-known news event. The 19-year-old, escorted by 12 Hummers, married Geng Weilong, the eldest son of Gujiao's richest man, Geng Jianping. According to local villagers, the wedding invites Jiang Dawei, Abao and other celebrities to help, and the total cost is more than ten million yuan.

The luxury of the wedding shows the wealth and ability of the Geng family. Many people close to Geng Jianping believe that the Geng family's total assets should be more than 1 billion yuan. But these huge fortunes are not as brilliant as weddings.

According to a survey by reporters of the Beijing News, Geng Jianping's wealth comes from a variety of sources, including the illegal exploitation of mineral resources, the acquisition of huge state-owned assets and the illegal monopoly of the local passenger transport market.

In September 2018, Geng Jianping and Geng Weilong were captured. Shanxi police disclosed that since 1999, Geng's father and son have gathered and organized idle social personnel to carry out intentional injuries, intentional destruction of property, provocation, extortion and other acts in Gujiao, Taiyuan and other places, "long-term domination of one party, crime, oppression of the masses".

The announcement also showed that Kou Jingyao, who married into a wealthy family, played the role of financial director in the Geng family. After the Geng family's father and son case, Kou Jingyao's fate also changed. Twelve years later, she made headlines again, this time not as glorious as ever.

Gengjia Courtyard in the Valley

The 31-year-old Kou Jingyao did not seem to panic when facing the police who came to arrest him. In the live photos released by Taiyuan TV station, a white dressed woman even showed a smile. At this time, 10 months have passed since his father-in-law Geng Jianping and husband Geng Weilong were arrested.

After 12 years of marriage, Kou Jingyao kept a relatively low profile. In interviews with reporters, many people don't know about her past, even in the family of Grandmother-in-law Gengjiazhuang, where she lives all the year round. "Only know that she is Geng Jianping's accountant." Several female villagers in Gengjiazhuang also said that they were not in the same class with Kou Jingyao and seldom communicated with each other in peacetime.

The "Black Gold" Family Behind Kou Jingyao, the Daughter-in-law of the Black People(图1)

Some villagers in Gengjiazhuang said that Geng Jianping had made a rule that Kou Jingyao could get a reward of 2 million for giving birth to a boy and 1 million for giving birth to a girl. Many villagers confirmed that Kou Jingyao had five children from marrying Geng's family to being arrested.

At the home of Kou Jingyao in Hekou Village, Hekou Town, Gujiao City, villagers also have vague memories of Kou Jingyao. Some villagers said that Kou Jingyao seldom came back after she was married, only remembering how she looked when she was a child. "Kou Jingyao looks good, so does her mother."

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